Level Up | Bellevue, Tiffin & Coming Soon Fostoria Ohio


So if you haven’t figured it out yet, we are a video game store that has retro and new video games, a big selection of DVD and VHS movies, music CDs and skateboards. But I’ll break it down anyway.


LEVEL UP buys, sells and trades video games, movies and music and sells new skateboards and parts. How does that work? You bring in games, movies and music that you want to sell or trade for cash or credit. We take a look at the items and determine a value based on condition, rarity, demand, market value, and quantity on hand. What is credit? Credit can be used in store towards new or used items that you wish to purchase. You may use the credit the same day you trade your items or you may save the credit for a later purchase. Items can be traded for cash at a discount of 25% off the store credit offered. What does this mean? If you trade a few games and are offered $20 credit, you could choose to use this in store getting $20 off your purchase or take the cash amount of $15. ID is required to trade items. You must be the owner of the items you are trading. Note: Most items PS2, original XBOX and older will qualify for trade in credit only. Please bring items in to find out if they have a trade in credit or cash value.


LEVEL UP stands behind the items we sell. 90 days on preplayed game systems and 21 days on all other products. Some exceptions apply. See our full guarantee here.